Seager & Carter


Seager & Carter is a fine and bluesy duo featuring Terry Carter and Gary Seager.

They both run their own, well-established bands and have been active on the Kent music scene for 20+ years.

Gaz plays acoustic and resonator guitars and has a style drawn from many genres - acoustic and electric blues but also from classical to ragtime and folk. He began studying the guitar on East Street off the Old Kent Road and hasn’t strayed far from the A2 since! He has many influences from the acoustic and electric worlds - biggest being Rory Gallagher.

Gaz also runs Bad Pennies - a raw unadulterated blues rock band based in Medway - and can occasionally be seen slinging his guitar with other prominent bands in the area.

Terry sings and plays harmonica and has a very distinctive style - gleaned from years of practice and study which took him from New Orleans to Melbourne.

Originally inspired by the Blues Brothers film, his biggest influences are JJ Milteau and Carlos del Junco.

On stage he also plays cajon and other percussive items.

Terry’s main band is Get Carter - a 6-piece outfit playing funked-up blues to the good people of Kent - and can often be seen playing harp with other fine acts on the circuit.

The bands are a fine thing but Terry and Gaz were also looking to get back to a simpler, more authentic blues based on traditional instruments. Something they could do alongside the bigger outfits, where they could ramble off in a new direction - and so Seager & Carter were formed.

A fine and bluesy set has been put together with some great stories being told, and thoughtful playing throughout.

Although not a busy act - fitting in and around the other bands’ commitments - performances at select venues and festivals have been really well received and there are some very interesting bookings starting to appear in the diary.

The promo EP -  Making Tracks - is a selection of 7 songs from their current set. Recorded by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester in August 2018

It’s a ‘simple’ recording - backed up by the years of experience and expertise Jim is rightly known for. Guitar, vocals and harp were recorded live in one take - with no repairs or double tracking - even the mistakes made it into the mix! Then some percussion added later (to avoid bleed).

The result is very close to a typical live performance and was very well received - making a modest dent in the IBBA top 40 chart (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association) and returning at the end of the year chosen for several ‘Pick of 2018’ shows.

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